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Exclusive Interview With Coyote

Could you tell my readers who you are please, Sir?

I am the great, the wondrous, the unsurpassable Coyote, of course. How can anyone not know me?

Where do you originate from?

From all over the Native American cultures, you dolt. Do you not read your First People myths?

What part do you play in those myths?

I’m a hero, naturally, though like all great shapeshifters, I change my form, depending on what is required. To the Crow people, I am Old Man Coyote, who crafted humans out of a fistful of mud. Yet to the Chelan I am an animal person, with the gifts of the Creator. Elsewhere, I am merely a messenger, though vital to the plot, you understand.

And which are your favourite roles?

I love the part I have in your book, ‘Black Water’! It’s a new twist on something I’ve been doing for years. Wielding power to teach people a lesson is what I really enjoy.

Could you give us an example of how you do that please?


Someone stole the moon you see, so I offered to take its place. Everyone thought I was a good moon, a real bright light.

The perk of the job was that I could see everything going on below, so it was never boring. (Fascinating what creatures get up to, don’t you think?)

Naturally, I couldn’t resist having a little gossip about it.

‘Did you see what skunk did in the bushes? And that badger! What a bad boy!’

Anyway, people got fed up with me and in the end they voted me out of the sky.

So instead, I took up juggling my eyeballs to impress the ladies.

That was going superbly, until I tossed one so high it stuck in the sky. It’s still there today; it’s been there such a long time it’s become a star. They call it Arcturus.

Finally, can you tell readers briefly about some other feats you have accomplished?

Certainly. I have transformed scenery, diverted rivers, found sacred items for great persons, not to mention slaying Thunderbird, the destroyer of humankind. Generally I am a trickster, but – and you can have this secret for nothing, to help you with your little blog – my motto is ‘always be different’.


  1. Great blog! I particularly liked this post as it was about a Coyote, and I remember reading stories about them as a child. Keep at it, I think you’re stories are very creative, and well written!

  2. Hi Cordelia,

    I wasn’t sure what you wanted me to comment on, so I read through your front page. I really liked your take on Coyota and your writing style reminds me a lot of my own, it’s warm and humorous at the same time it’s revealing.

    Best of luck with your writing life! And all else as well!


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