Black Water

‘Have you ever lost something? Something that eats a hole inside you. Something that is so huge… I have. I lost everything. My mother. My home. Even the power to speak.
All I have left are the stories that Mum told me. The stories about Coyote – the shape shifter. But Coyote isn’t just some fairy tale myth made up to scare small children. He’s real. I know, because I’ve seen him.’

Ashamed and haunted by nightmares but with no memory of the heart attack which killed his mother, twelve year-old Ben is desperate to know whether he caused it. Hoping to find out, he runs away from his foster carers – and gets hit by a car.

Alone in hospital, Ben is visited by Coyote, a shape-shifting trickster, who tempts him with a promise: “Take a life, turn back time and bring me the most precious thing in the world, and I will let you see your dead mother again.”

Coyote’s promise lures Ben into escalating acts of theft and violence as he attempts to fulfill the tasks, testing his foster parents to their limit.

With the tasks too much to handle, Ben must outwit the trickster, confront his guilt and defeat his demons. All of these efforts reach a stunning conclusion when he sees his foster sister drowning in the black water which he desperately fears. What Ben does next will change everything.

BLACK WATER is a story about loss, healing, and the redemptive power of love, immersed in Native American myth.

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4 thoughts on “Black Water”

  1. A story, wrapped up in a Native American mythological coat of armor, explaining the strength of a child’s love and the courage and desperation one goes through in order to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. – Brava!

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